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Programs for Children

Children have unique communication challenges. Schools and peer groups can sometimes induce anxiety and negatively impact confidence. My goal is to help my clients build the skills necessary to thrive in academic and social environments. The earlier your child learns these skills, the better! I can meet with your child one-on one (In-person or on zoom). I can also arrange times to attend class with your child to see how they are doing in the classroom and assist them in some social exposures. We can do these exposures outside of the classroom as well. The goal with these sessions are to provide a space for them to actually practice the skills I'm teaching and build confidence. Here are some skills I can help with: (Not a complete list). If you don't see what you need, we can talk and customize a specialized program for your child.  

  • Reduce Speech and Social Anxiety 

  • Improve Presentation Skills

  • Develop Strong Debate Skills

  • Communicating Boundaries in Relationships 

  • Engaging in Assertive Behavior

  • Gaining Confident to talk to Strangers (School, social gatherings, etc.) 

  • Handling Impromptu Conversations 

  • Effective Conflict Management Strategies 

  • Practicing Collaboration Techniques (Finding a solution where everyone wins)

  • Monitoring Nonverbal Communication with Peers  

  • Using "I" language instead of "You" language during Conflict (Reducing defensive behavior)  

  • Reducing Misattributions or misunderstandings through the use of Perception Checking Techniques (See my blog on how to perform a perception check!)

  • Recognizing Email Etiquette

  • Mastering Zoom Etiquette

  • Developing Group Communication Skills (Great for group projects) 

  • Improving Argumentation and Debate Skills

  • Reducing Miscommunication at School and among Personal Relationships 

In the Classroom
Presenting in Class
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