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Programs for Adults

Having strong communication skills are key to success, whether in an academic setting, professional, or even relational. Employers have consistently rated communication skills as being one of the most important traits they are looking for when hiring. The majority of the time, conflict is caused by poor communication. I can help you not only feel more confident as a communicator, but be able to adapt to different communication styles around you. Here are some examples of skills I can help you with: (Not a complete list).  

  • Reducing Speech Anxiety

  • Overcoming Social Anxiety 

  • Communicating Boundaries

  • Mastering Assertive Behavior

  • Utilizing Effective Conflict Management Strategies such as Collaboration

  • Effective Communication for the Family and Romantic Relationships

  • Fighting Insurance Companies on Coverage (How to document information and be persuasive)

  • Handling Neighbor Disputes/Association Issues 

  • Managing Nonverbal Communication

  • Using "I" language" instead of "You" language" during Conflict 

  • Reducing Misattributions by engaging in Perception Checking Techniques (See my Blog on how to do a perception check!)

  • Recognizing Email Etiquette

  • Mastering Zoom Etiquette

  • Knowing how to have a Strong Interview (Tips for In-person and virtual interviews)

  • Giving a Memorable Wedding Toast or Eulogy 

  • Improving Presentation Skills at Work

  • Developing Group Communication Skills

  • Handling Argumentation and Debate

  • Reducing Miscommunication at Work

  • Improving Management Skills

  • Planing a Successful Meeting and Project

Giving a Presentation
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