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Business & Professional Communication

Running a business has its fair share of challenges. Effective communication skills for you and your staff can make a huge difference! It can help you or your staff learn to handle conflict more effectively, whether with each other, or customers. This can not only help retain employees, and create a less toxic work environment, but it can also increase revenue. If you don't see what you need here, let's talk! I can do a needs assessment with you to see how to serve you and meet your personal needs. Here are some skills I can teach: (Not a complete list).



  • Reducing Miscommunication at Work (Especially when giving medical instructions) 

  • Improving Bedside Manner in a Health Care Setting

  • Effectively Communicating Distressing News (Whether to patients or families)

  • Improving Patient Satisfaction in the Medical Setting

  • Reducing Questions and Follow-up Phone Calls from Patients and Families



  • Mastering Strong Customer Service Skills 

  • Reducing Miscommunication at Work

  • Effectively Responding to Angry Yelp Reviews as a Business Owner 

  • Managing Conflict Effectively 

  • Communicating Boundaries

  • Engaging in Assertive Behavior

  • Practicing Effective Conflict Management Strategies 

  • Utilizing Collaboration Techniques (Finding a solution where everyone "Wins")

  • Managing Nonverbal Communication

  • Using "I" language, (I feel, I want, I need) instead of "You" language during Conflict (Reducing defensive behavior)

  • Reducing Misattributions by engaging in Perception Checking Techniques (See my blog on how to perform a perception check!) 

  • Recognizing Email Etiquette

  • Mastering Zoom Etiquette

  • Improving Presentation Skills at Work

  • Developing Group Communication Skills

  • Reducing Speech Anxiety

  • Handling Argumentation and Debate Effectively 

  • Reducing Social Anxiety

  • Management Skills

  • How to Run a Successful Meeting and Project

Medical Practitioners:
Did you know that over 60% of medical errors can be traced back to miscommunication? Communication workshops can help!
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